Isa and Christa in Austria

About Us

We are Christa and Isa, two girls in love with traveling.

Long story short. We met 5 years ago in San Francisco in an English language school and after a strong friendship, we fell in love. We lived happily together for 3 years in Switzerland. Isa’s mother tongue is Catalan and Christa’s is swiss-german, between us we speak a weird mix that most of the people don’t understand, we can mix English, Catalan and German in 1 sentence. (If you find any language mistake we would appreciate that you let us know).

As of October 2018, we started a new journey around the world to seek new adventures and meet new cultures.

The name “Those we met” comes from a previous journey from Isa around South America, on that occasion, it was called “Those I met”. We want to keep the same essence.

We hope you have a blast with us!

Christa Bruhin


Hi, I’m a Swiss girl that grew up with cows and mountains around me (Isa says like Heidi). I’m the happiest with a cappuccino in the hand and being surrounded by a beautiful landscape. For me, traveling is about learning from each other and get a brighter sight of life. Oh and food, I just love eating and trying new dishes!

Isabel Simo


So, here the catalan girl! I was also raised in a farm, with delicious vegetables and fruits. I used to spend countless hours lying on the beach in Barcelona but since I arrived in Switzerland I got into hiking and camping A L-O-T. I’m a product designer who enjoys everything about technology and innovation.