It’s important to know in advance how much money you are willing to spend during your travels or vacations. That’s why we came up with a series of travel budget on what we spent, to make it easier for you to plan your travels.

Keep in mind, we are budget-minded girls, who try to do as many things as possible for the little price. So, please, don’t rely 100% on our budget, but take a look at how things cost in this country. And yes, we write down absolutely everything we buy in a note in Google Keep, even a 10 cents bottle of water.

It’s divided into categories of flights, transport, accommodation, food, and entertainment.

The total budget is for 2 people for 8 nights. This includes Kauai (5 nights) and Oahu (3 nights). The day we arrived in Kauai was late evening and the day we left Oahu was early morning.

Hawaii Travel Budget for 1 week:


Note that on this budget breakdown we only include the flight that got us into Hawaii. Internal flights and baggage fees are included as well, but not the flight out of Hawaii that we count it on the Taiwan Travel Budget.

Flight 1: Los Angeles – Kauai $ 489
Checked Baggage Flight 1 $ 50
Flight 2: Kauai – Oahu $ 155
Checked Baggage Flight 2 $ 50
Total Flights $ 1264


In Kauai, you would need to rent a car, it’s totally necessary like in the rest of the US if you want to visit something else than your accommodation. Our best bet was to find other people with the same idea that would be on the island the same days as us. Couchsurfing is a great platform to find people. You can create a trip and introduce yourself. From there, decide who fits best for your plans according to the response you get. We decided to team up with 3 other Chinese that wanted to camp as well like us.

In Oahu, the universe was aligned for us and our friends Kat and Erik were visiting the island the same days than us. They had rented already a car and we could benefit in exchange for some drinks, best deal ever, plus we got great company!

Waimea Canyon, Kauai

Uber to Couchsurfing House $ 25
Rental Car $ 136
Petrol $ 44
Bus Airport Oahu $ 11
Total Transport $ 216


We found a last minute Couchsurfing for the first night in Kauai. We can’t stop saying thank you to everyone who is in this community helping travelers to have affordable and memorable journeys.

The rest of our stay in Kauai was on campgrounds. We camped at Salt Pont Park and Polihale State Park. You can see that the cost for 4 nights is ridiculous, but we shared again the expense with the Chinese from Couchsurfing since a parcel fits up to 6 people.

Polihale State Park, Kauai Campground

In Oahu the story changed, since we were a bit more constrained by the transport we preferred to stay inside the city. Even though Honolulu has hundreds of options, all were too expensive for our budget. We ended up at the cheapest hostel in town with bunk beds, and even the cheapest was very expensive.

Kauai Campgrounds x 4 nights $ 29
Hostel Oahu x 3 nights $ 250
Total Accommodation $ 279
Sunset at Salt Pont Park, Kauai
Sunset at Salt Pont Park campground


Most of our meals were from grocery stores. After 5 days eating cheap, raw and cold we spent a few more dollars on brunch and dinners. That made the budget went through the roof, especially in Oahu. But hey, we only live once!

Restaurants $ 184
Supermarkets $ 46
Coffees & Teas $ 65
Snacks $ 23
Cocktails & Drinks $ 102
Total Food $ 420

Isa in Waimea Canyon Trail, Kauai

Good to know: You should pay a tip when in a restaurant in the US. Count between 10-20% more on the total amount.


We rented 1 kayak to access the Uluwehi Falls, which leads you to a 45 min. muddy trail to the waterfall.

The cruise boat is touristy as it sounds. And surprisingly fun. Or at least it was for us. Maybe it helped the all-inclusive drinks you can get during the 4 hours ride. But not only this, the views are worth it every single dollar.

Kayak $ 72
Sunset Boat $ 252
Total $ 324

Nā Pali Coast, Kauai

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