It’s important to know in advance how much money you are willing to spend during your travels or vacations. That’s why we came up with a series of travel budget on what we spent, to make it easier for you to plan your travels. Keep in mind, we are budget-minded girls, who try to do as many things as possible for the little price. So, please, don’t rely 100% on our budget, but take a look at how things cost in this country. And yes, we write down absolutely everything we buy in a note in Google Keep, even a 10 cents bottle of water.

It’s divided into categories of flights, transport, accommodation, food, and entertainment.

Taiwan Travel Budget

The total budget is for 2 people for 14 days. Visit our Taiwan Itinerary Guide for more details on where we stayed and what we visited.

Taiwan Travel Budget for 2 weeks:


We took a direct flight to Taipei from our previous destination, Hawaii.

Flight Honolulu – Taipei NT$ 6,470 US$ 209

Note that to get the stamp in your passport for visiting Taiwan, you need to show a confirmation of a departure flight.

View of Taipei 1010 from Elephant Mountain, Taiwan


The Easy Card is a card working on all kind of public transport in Taiwan. Load as much as you want and tap it every time you enter and leave the bus or train. It’s broadly used all around the country and it gives you a small discount for each purchase. It’s the easiest way to move around.

Public Transport – Easy Card NT$ 5,800 US$ 188
Uber NT$ 145 US$ 4.7
Sunset Train in Alishan NT$ 300 US$ 9.7
Daily Pass Jiufen (bus) NT$ 100 US$ 3.2
Total NT$ 6,345 US$ 205.6

Good to know: Uber also works well at night after 12, when public transport is not available.


Mostly, we would stay in dorms since it’ more affordable but we found some good deals in private rooms, but we also can recommend bed&breakfast and guesthouse. Taiwan is a sparkling clean country in general, all accommodations we stayed were absolutely comfortable and clean, which as a long time travelers, we appreciate the most.

The unforgettable experience was to sleep in a capsule in Taipei, with all the buttons and lights you get a real feeling as you were on a spaceship. It even has a screen! We also slept in some dorms with double beds, so couple-friendly dorms.

Taipei (4 nights) NT$ 3,277 US$ 106.1
Taichung (2 nights) NT$ 1,840 US$ 59.5
Sun Moon Lake (2 nights) NT$ 1,400 US$ 45.3
Alishan (1 night) NT$ 1,750 US$ 56.6
Tainan (1 night) NT$ 480 US$ 15.5
Jiufen (1 night) NT$ 1,200 US$ 38.8
Hualien (1 night) NT$ 737 US$ 23.8
Campground Taroko National Park Free! Free!
Laundry NT$ 250 US$ 8
Lockers NT$ 410 US$ 13.2
Total NT$ 11,344 US$ 367.1

Bed Capsule in Taipei

Good to know: we spent there 1 night at the campground of the Taroko National Park and the good news is that is completely free. Don’t expect any services besides toilets, though.


Oh, Taiwanese food! It’s a paradise. Every night we would go to the night markets to try everything we could, except for the famous stinky tofu that we could not even stand in front of the little shop that would sell it. It stinks already from far! We honestly couldn’t.
Taipei Night Market
According to NY Times, Din Tai Fung restaurant is among the 10 best in the world, and we went to check it out. We only will say that dumplings melt in your mouth. Excellent.

We consider food relatively cheap for what we got and for being such a developed country, but of course, we ate most of the times in local markets, which makes it way cheaper than restaurants.

Restaurants NT$ 2,447 US$ 79.2
Night Markets NT$ 841 US$ 27.2
Supermarket 7 Eleven NT$ 938 US$ 30.3
Breakfasts NT$ 1,371 US$ 44.3
Coffees & Teas NT$ 762 US$ 24.6
Snacks NT$ 913 US$ 29.5
Cocktails & Drinks NT$ 1,450 US$ 46.9
Total NT$ 8,722 US$ 282

Dumplings in Taiwan Food Night Market


The most inexpensive category. We didn’t stop visiting around but it was mostly cheap or free of charge.

Sim cards NT$ 560 US$ 18.1
Free Walking Tour NT$ 500 US$ 16.1
Bicycles NT$ 300 US$ 9.7
Alishan National Park NT$ 300 US$ 9.7
Confucius Temple NT$ 50 US$ 1.6
Tainan Fort NT$ 75 US$ 2.4
Musician on the street NT$ 10 US$ 0.3
Total NT$ 1,795 US$ 58

Christa in Teapot Mountain, Taiwan

Visit our Taiwan Itinerary Guide for more details and insights of our stay in Taiwan.

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