Right on the Mekong River, there is Koh Trong Island. Just on the other side of the river is Kratie, a most popular town where the most tourist has their sleeping base. We found the island to be a hidden treasure for whoever likes slow life. That’s the pure rural Cambodian life, a small community of fishing and farming families living in harmony.

Koh Trang Island, Cambodia

How to arrive

It’s only a short ferry ride from Kratie to arrive on the island. The boat goes when it’s full. Waiting is part of the adventure, plus we found interesting to observe the locals interact between them. Once on the island, you will need to walk for 5 minutes on the beach to reach the village.

Koh Trang Island, Cambodia

What to do

There is no electricity on the island. Therefore, not many attractions and activities to do there. That might be one of the reasons you unlikely will find any tourists during your visit, and precisely, why we enjoyed it so much. However, if you are willing to live the island life for more than a day you still have some options. There is 2 homestay hosting foreigners on each different side of the island.

Tip: remember to bring water with you, it can get really hot during the day.

Koh Trang Island, Cambodia

Transport on the island

As of December 2018, the prices for transportation were the following:

  • Bicycle: $1-2. Depending on how vintage you want the bicycle to be.
  • Moto: $5. Even though we totally recommend you the bicycle, it will give you more flexibility to stop and interact with locals in a less intimidating way.
  • Ox Cart: $15
  • Horse Cart: $10

It has a total of 10 km long. It’s totally doable in half a day as we did, but we could have totally spent the whole day playing with children and exploring around if it was not because we had booked a bus to our next destination, the Elephant Sanctuary in Mondulkiri.

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Koh Trong Island, Cambodia

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