We spent 5 days in Suan Sati, a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai without having done any type of yoga before. What we learned was way more than what we expected.

Suan Sati yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Life in the Yoga Retreat

Life is simple at Suan Sati, which means the garden of mindfulness in the Thai language. Every day, at 05:30 am, a few dongs wake up the whole group, sleeping peacefully in their bungalows. There are no alarms, smartphones or digital watches, so we relied the whole week on a dong.

Suan Sati yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Starting the day at 6 am doing yoga for 2 hours is something we had never done before. Either practicing meditation or silence for most of the morning, where no one would communicate with each other in any way.

Suan Sati yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The first day was difficult, we would try to tell something with the eyes to each other, when in fact, whatever you need to say can wait, or better, we learned how to enjoy our thoughts only to ourselves. Soon, our minds started to clean up and get the mental rest we needed.

Suan Sati yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Suan Sati practice permaculture, a concept that started in Australia in the late seventies. From composting, making eco-bricks, farming and all kind of sustainable techniques that we enjoyed to learn. Actually, we started researching to do another retreat specifically about permaculture, any recommendations? Write them on the comments, please!

And one of the most important parts of the week. The food. O M G. We were in a food paradise. Food porn in it’s best. Seriously. The taste was unique. Fruits and vegetables were, of course, most of them, from their own garden. The staff who cooks and help to keep the place as a real jungle are all locals. Again, we have never eaten so good for that long.

Food in Suan Sati, yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our experience

We had never done yoga before. We thought the retreat would be only about that, and how wrong we were again, of course, it was a lot about yoga, 4 hours a day! 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. But it was about so much more. Many new experiences and learnings in only a week, surrounded by the nature of the jungle in the North of Thailand. Meditation, a sustainable lifestyle, permaculture, fantastic massages, digital detox, absolutely the best organic food, inspiring people and, of course, tons of different yoga styles.

Our bodies and minds were swollen of so much practice. Nevertheless, it was pure satisfaction. We left Suan Sati feeling relaxed but also changed. During that week we grow in different ways: personally, intellectually and yogily.

Suan Sati yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Little Bem, the daughter of the chef, was always around

Only 2 years ago, Will and Liz, the owners, started this place from zero. When they rented this piece of land there was nothing but bushes. With volunteers started to build what Suan Sati is today We want to thank them to create this little Neverland.

This was our experience. If you want to have the same, book directly on the Suan Sati webpage. But notice that they are usually fully booked some months in advance.

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Yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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