The abandoned water park of Hue, also called Ho Thuy Tien, is not so abandoned. Since closing doors in 2006, only 2 years after the opening, the park receives still every day a large number of travelers and locals.

When to go

Some locals told us we might have problems getting inside in the morning. Sometimes, “officials” are around. However, in the afternoon, only the security man is there and you can deal with him to enter for a little fee.

Although, if it doesn’t work on your plans in the afternoon, try to go in the morning, just don’t skip it!

Slides of the Abandoned Water Park in Hue, Vietnam

How to arrive

It’s only 8 km from the city center of Hue. We rented a scooter for the whole day and combined with other sightseeing. Other options are taking a taxi, Grab or walking. Some hostels will be even willing to organize a moto with a driver. It’s all up to you, there are plenty of options.

Abandoned Water Park in Hue, Vietnam

How to enter

Through the main entrance. As easy as it sounds. As soon as you cross it, a man will approach you and ask for a small fee. We paid 40.000 Vietnamese Dong.

Entrance of the Abandoned Water Park in Hue, Vietnam
The entrance to the Park

What to see

The main attraction is the big dragon, which use to be the aquarium. It’s probably the most dangerous part since you can walk up until the mouth of the dragon. We say dangerous because the dragon has no maintenance since 2006. We are not completely sure how secure is this place.

The amphitheater and the winding water slides are other spots to walk around without problems.

Slides of the Abandoned Water Park in Hue, Vietnam

We spent around 2 hours inside the park. Most people would do it in 1 hour, but we like it slower than other people and enjoy the place and its vives. This place has truly some creepy ones!


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Hue Abandoned Water Park, Vietnam

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