Totally out of the beaten path, the abandoned amusement park of Yangon is an urban jungle waiting for you to be explored, right in the heart of the city.

Open in 1997, the dictatorship of Myanmar introduced a new “distraction” in the capital (back then, Yangon was still the capital). It was a way to keep the middle class of Yangon distracted of the atrocities of the military of Myanmar. 22 years later and without an official or clear reason, the park is abandoned but still accessible.

The park has all to expect in this kind of places. A Viking pendulum ship, 2 merry-go-rounds with colored ponies, bumper cars, 80’s arcade game consoles and several rollercoasters.

Rollercoaster in the Abandoned Theme Park of Yangon, Myanmar

There is free access to all the attractions, including riding them. Most of the place is made out of steel. Some stairs of the big rollercoaster are in bad condition and deteriorating. Pay extra attention to each step.

When and where to go

We read many people saying they got infinite mosquito bites in the late afternoon. So we thought the best time would be around noon when the mosquitoes are quieter. Even though, we got some bites but not terrible.

Flying Balloons in the Abandoned Theme Park of Yangon, Myanmar

There are 2 options to make it inside the abandoned park.

  • Option 1: The park is next to the Zoo. Many people attempt to enter through a gap in a fence located inside the Zoo. That means you would need to pay the entrance of the Zoo.
  • Option 2: We decided to walk around before paying the fee and found a door with a lock at the Bo Min Kaung St. We asked a woman with a small food stand right in front of the door. Without saying much, she took the lock and opened without any kind of fee. That’s it.


  • Dogs: There are some wild dogs living around. They bark a lot and for how they behave and look don’t seem to have many cute puppy friends. They didn’t come closer than 2 meters but we dissuaded them with the tripod.
  • Snakes: Another danger is snakes. There are some clear paths and the rest is all weed. If you walk on the path should be all right. Nevertheless, take extreme precaution.
  • Mosquitos: there seem to be a focus of mosquitoes in the late afternoon. As we mentioned before, take some deet to avoid them.

Merry go round in the Abandoned Theme Park of Yangon, Myanmar

This is probably not the safest place to visit for regular tourists. An abandoned place will never be a 100% safe place. Nevertheless, this is an uncommon activity if you are seeking for authenticity and not crowded spots.

Abandoned Theme Park of Yangon, MyanmarHave you been here? Leave a comment below telling your experience. It will help other travelers on deciding if to go or not.

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Yangon abandoned theme park, Myanmar

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