It was raining a lot when we visited Hue. Therefore, we appreciated the good restaurants even more. In Vietnam, there is very good food for decent prices. We went for lunch to the Cafe on Thu Wheels, where Ly Le is the owner and serves as a waiter. Soon we got in a chat. She spreads beautiful vibes. Ly is very good at her job. She learned English from the tourists a few years ago.

We were really surprised when she told us that she never was outside of Hue. Since she is married, Ly works every day, without any day off on the whole year. We proposed her to come with us and visit the next city, only 2 hours driving, we would pay all the expenses. But that meant closing the restaurant 1 entire day and that was something she couldn’t accept.

That’s the reason, we want to have her here, in thosewemet. So here we go:

1. What do you like about your country?

I like the tourists and the things they tell me from Australia, Germany and all around the world.

2. What you don’t like about your country?

I don’t like that in Vietnam women and men are not equally treated. Men don’t always treat good their women.

3. What would you do with $1,000?

In the future, when my children grow up, I would like to take my family traveling around Vietnam. I would like to travel, but so far I never had time to leave Hue.

4. A dream

I would invest it in the education for my 3 children. I pay right now $200 x month for the 3 of them.

5. Describe your country in 3 words

Family, tourism, home.

Eggplant in a claypot from Cafe on Thu Wheels
Eggplant in a claypot from Cafe on Thu Wheels

Thank you Ly for your time and open chat. It was very interesting for us. She told us about the floating in 1999. Since then, Hue has 2000 new restaurants. But we recommend you to visit Ly at the Cafe on Thu Wheels. She is always happy to meet foreigners that tell her about the world. We hope that her dreams come true. Maybe she even comes one day to visit us back home.

We ask the same questions to those we met on our travels, check other people stories.

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